Run "How To" Clinics

Improve your running with better understanding of movement.

With running there are no periods when both feet are contacting the ground simultaneously. In fact, there is a “double float” where the feet are in the air twice. 

Yet, it's the time on the ground where the runner must have the right posture, loading and unloading of energy.

The ME3 running "how to" clinics focus on one of these aspects at a time. We help you apply the right techniques that improve performance and efficiency.

The clinics are taught both in and out of doors (weather permitting)

Every level is welcome.

"How To" clinic topics may include:

  • Arms, hands and elbow postures
  • Cadence and intensity
  • Foot strike: The correct placement of the foot onto the ground
  • Posture: The right positions that energize
  • The Hip & Knee: Learning extension and flexion
  • The Pelvis: The loading and unloading of stored energy to the limbs
  • Uphill and downhill running technique
  • Foot and ankle dynamic exercises
  • The Warm up: Drills and exercises to Get Ready to run better
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