Balance. Posture. Alignment. Body Segment. Flexibility. Mobility. Stability. Movement.

Our services begin with a thorough flexibility, joint mobility and stability evaluation that can effectively uncover limitations in movement, core and strength function

How to: Movement & Stability

Simply, reaching your best athletic performance and a healthly lifestyle outcome begins with functional movement and stability. 

How stable is your core? Are your shoulders, back, hips and legs moving in a normal range?

The ME3 assessment tests evaluate your "functional" movement and determine the best exercises for correcting and improving your motion. 

It's that simple. We teach you how to move better resulting in better technique and performance and lifestyle outcomes and reduce the risk of overuse injury. 

ME3 helps adults and children make better movements and teaches the best exercises for you.

  • These one-on-one sessions take about 90 minutes 
  • The tests are not difficult and take less than 10 minutes
  • The balance of time is spent teaching corrective exercises and learning how to move more efficiently
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