Cycling "How To" Clinics

There is a lot more to cycling technique than you might think. Learing to transfer energy to the limbs improves efficiency.

The cycling "how to" technique clinics work on pedaling and other skills one at a time.

ME3 teaches you "how to" apply forces and deliver energy to the limbs in a natural and functional way. We demonstrate and teach you how to train and perform example workout routines that are accurate and effective.

Cycling is a great sport and learning the most efficient way to ride, change gears, pedal and maintain posture are some of the clinics we'll teach.

Clinics are taught indoors on trainers and bikes (you bring both). 

Every level is welcome.

"How To" clinic topics may include:

  • Pedaling sectors: Downstroke, Backstroke, Upstroke and Overstroke
  • How to effectively shift and use the right gearing
  • The best cadence and learning how to apply better forces
  • Load-transfer pedaling: The most effective for better power, efficiency
  • Posture and fitting guidelines
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