Training is a process of knowing your desired outcomes 

That's where it begins and how your best performances are realized

Desired outcomes keep the focus, help plan the workouts and instill the necessary balance

Achieve desired outcomes

Marc Evans

ME3 training plans are fully tailored to the athlete. There are "no boiler-plate" programs delivered via a 3rd party. Each program and workouts detail: period phasing, volume and duration, intensity of intervals and resting periods, the terrain and order of workouts by sport.

ME3 programs are one of a kind combining the best in physiology, planning progression, evaluations, cognitive strategies, training key volume, intensity and rest application and ongoing technique developing in swimming, cycling and running and to be sure, movement and stability function. 

Better race outcomes begin and are coupled with a comprehensive movement evaluation and coupled with workout, training and race planning.

ME3 works in-person, by phone, email and video chat with frequent ongoing consultations for coaching and screening movement and technique.

Workouts are prepared 1-week at a time following updates from the athlete.

ME3 does not use power, heart rate or other technology-based applications for intensity, rather more effectively, a system of perceived exertion. The mind and body knows more than any device. 

Every level of athlete is welcome as no one individual is more or less important.

Annual fees are payable in advance and are determined following Profile Questionnaire review and initial in-person or phone/chat consultation. 

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