Dave Scott

Boulder, Colorado


Triathlon: 6-time World Ironman Champion 

"I've known Marc Evans for nearly thirty years as a coach, teacher and advisor for endurance athletes.  Marc's unique skill set has extended the boundaries of physiology and biomechanics which has allowed him to assess, advise and manage athletes of all abilities.  He has an unparalleled approach in dissecting the nuances of an athlete’s limitations whether the cause is directly related to overuse, fatigue, instability in joints or muscle imbalances.  Developing the knowledge base in working with hundreds of athletes, Marc has a vast repertoire that only comes with hands on experience.  His wizardry in working with athletes is truly a gift." 

Matt Dixon

San Francisco, CA


Elite coach and owner of Purplepatch Fitness. Coach of Chris Lieto and a stable of elite endurance athletes.

"Marc has been a great resource for several of my professional athletes looking to take their technical and functional components of performance to an elevated level.  It is great to have a resource of Marc's technical expertise to help complete the assessment and prescription of technical evolution."

Alexandre Riberio

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


6-time Ultraman World Champion

"Today was a very special day for me. Ultraman Hawaii, triathlon in Brasil and I, are completing 30 years! I thank you (Marc) for all these achievements! I'll never forget your words: "...you're ready to be a big champion"...You was really important for me to become a professional triathlete. Thank you coach for all of these!"

Scott Tinley

Del Mar, CA

2-time Ironman World Champion

"There is a part of me that resists science...But nobody, least of all goal-oriented triathletes, likes to stagnate...Besides, getting better at anything, from playing the piano to running a mile, is just plain fun.

It is with this in mind that I began to pick the brain of Marc Evans. Having been self-coached, self-trained and self-motivated...I thought I'd see what would happen if I let someone else help me...

Marc has managed to take a lot of established principles and simplify them...to train the athlete who endeavors to be the best he or she is capable of."

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