Books by Marc Evans

The most important aspect of teaching is the principle of individualization. This tenet of teaching has been the focus of and still drives my work today. In 1992, I released my first book, Coaching and Training Techniques for Triathletes.

For every endurance athlete, a functional muscular foundation produces greater potential for adaptations for volume, intensity, recovery, economy and workouts. Because every athlete is unique, each needs a baseline evaluation of their mobility, flexibility, stability and technique.

Combining the results of those evaluations and then developing and applying the right remedies with innovative testing and high-level technique instruction will benefit every endurance athlete and will help coaches to produce better performance outcomes.

My fourth book with co-author Jane Cappaert, PhD, Triathletes in Motion: Assessing Movement for World Class Technique was a full-time project and took nearly four years to complete. I believe it to be the most comprehensive and accessible book on movement evaluation and technique development for endurance athletes to date. It recommends a complete shift in coaching approach and proposes a new model for combining movement evaluations, corrections and technique development as the basis for training.

The book includes insights from the world's leading triathletes and coaches like Chrissie Wellington, Dave Scott, Mark Allen, Darren Smith, Sarah Groff, Torbjorn Sindballe and others.

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